Arielle de Pinto


Designer Bio

A fine arts graduate of Concordia University in 2007, Canadian designer Arielle de Pinto developed her unique style of metal work over the course of studies in print and textiles and a series of internships. Launching her namesake accessory line later that same year, de Pinto was recognized as an emerging talent and selected for participation at both New York and Paris premier fashion events. Now cited as a directional designer, de Pinto has a dedicated following and is renown for her signature aesthetic, self-developed treatment of metal and statement visual identity. Alongside the accessory line stands de Pinto's art pieces: expressionistic metal masks rendered fluidly mutable and rough-hewn carvings exposing irregular, faceted surfaces; both of which reveal transparency in process and an embedded sense of authorship. Privileging transformative processes and unmediated realities, de Pinto's artistic exploration funds the core of all her work, commercial and gallery alike. Indifferent to borders between art and fashion, de Pinto continues to develop her art practice and vivid visual language, exhibiting works for museums and galleries as well as for fashion editorials and video shoots. As stylist and art director, de Pinto is engaged in all aspects of her public presentation, approaching visual identity as another channel for artistic expression. De Pinto's striking and frankly personal visual communications project an unabashed intimacy, implicating and involving audiences. A complement and reflexion of her art practice and commercial offerings, these images, prints and graphics provide another relevant point of access into the world of Arielle de Pinto. Now in her third year, de Pinto's work is featured by the likes of Dazed and Confused, Self-Service, i-D, Jalouse, Vogue amongst many others, and has been exhibited by international museums and galleries. She has produced commissioned work for fashion houses and serviced numerous public figures.