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Anniel today 35 years old. Founded in 1976 by a small family-run, develops in Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso, in the Venice area, and specializes immediately in the field of footwear and sportswear. The extraordinary passion and experience of those who began the project, has allowed the company a strong growth over the years. Skilled labor, high technological standards, typically Italian style and great creativity are the main features of Anniel which consolidates the Made In Italy exported their products throughout the world. Since 2000, specializes in fashion product thanks to an encounter with a Japanese partner who falls in love with her white jazz shoe and brings it in the best stores in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki. From there, the creation of ballerinas who all follow the fashion trends in colours, fabrics and shapes while retaining the quality of Italian materials and manufacture here on site, characteristics that make it particularly valuable and in demand abroad. Today Anniel boasts 10 product lines with over 2500 items including specialized clothing and footwear for dance, gymnastics, ballroom dancing and sports articles throughout its range with over 500 thousand pairs of shoes and 300 thousand heads of apparel products every year [READ MORE]


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