Adriana Degreas


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In her 2012 winter collection, the fashion designer brings to the Western a rereading of Oriental elements. Works of art, decoration and even the Marrakesh crazy years full of opium served as a starting point to decipher this world through prints, colors and shapes. The chinoiserie comes out of porcelain and wallpapers to become kaftans and kimonos, while the pheasant appears in dresses and shirts in the familiar animal print style of the designer. The psychedelia generated by opium is present in the most colorful parts of the collection. The prints add color to satin and silk crepe and to lycra for beachwear. Sheaves of wheat seen in an unusual striped prints. Decorative objects such as crucifixes, stones, jewelry, agate and ivory crosses, inspire loud and long maxi bijoux. The leather and velvet are present in short dresses and midi skirts. The collection also brings jumpsuits, long dresses, palazzo pants, ponchos, kaftans - adorned with marabouts - and long skirts. The unusual is the pajamas, like the simple velvet sleep dresses, inspired by the portraits of Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Sofia Coppola and Sophia Loren. This is a strong trend seen on the international runways as well as in fashion lovers street style. The collection has a cool elegance and extravagant pieces. Blouses, turbans, waist marked with large belts, embroidered bodies to be used under suits. This Deja Vu, that Adriana likes so much, is an elegant version of the seventies hippie look. The lightweight fabrics such as tulle, silk satin and chine crepe are present in long kimonos to use with swimwear. Inspired by the first transparent shirt in history, Degreas brings sensuality through the transparency of tulle and muslin, leaving the skin in evidence with the use of simple bras. Beachwear, the well-known part of the brand, follows the simple model, from curtains to the parts called "Bain Couture", which are presented in bathing suits with cinched waists, hot pants with belts in Saint Laurent style and jewelry and adornments that make those even richer. The swimsuits and velvet bikinis, used in previous collections, reappear with a boudoir retro air. The textured pattern galuchat gives shine and leather effect to the fabric. It is the first time that the designer uses the "lipure" lycra, ensuring even more comfort to the pieces. The color chart comes in striking and unobtrusive colors, they are: burgundy, cognac, gray (lead, opium and Zarak) and ruby, besides the already known Degreas chart, rich in shades of nude, brown and navy blue. [Opium] [READ MORE]


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