Stylist Series: Ise White

October 30, 2009

We caught up with stylist Ise White in between shoots to see how she got her start & what makes her life StyledOn...
Stylist Series: Ise White

Stylist Ise White’s fashion career began when she started designing sets and costumes for performance art projects. She started her own costume company after graduating with a BFA in painting and art history. She exhibited at major museums and galleries before moving to New York to get a masters in figurative painting and drawing.

After moving to New York, Ise fell into styling through close friends in the fashion industry and soon thereafter was featured in major magazines like L'Officiel, Vogue España, and L'Uomo Vogue. Retail Ad & Design featured Ise as an "upcoming talent to watch for." Before long, she was styling major ad campaigns for Olympus Fashion Week, Pantene, Coors Light, Coca Cola, and others. Ise spent her childhood living a nomadic lifestyle traveling throughout Europe and Asia, which has influenced her global tastes. She continues to travel frequently for styling, and draws inspiration from her colorful environments, music, diverse cultures, and art. Ise has an eclectic aesthetic that draws from her Choctaw, Scottish, and Chinese heritage.

We truly love Ise's work and recently caught up with the stylist who has worked with everyone from First Lady, Michelle Obama, to our Office crush, John Krasinski...


StyledOn: How did you begin styling?
Ise White: Making costumes for my unfortunate cat when I was 8, unofficially. Officially, with Daymion Mardel, an amazing photographer in New York 10 years ago.

SO: What have been some of your favorite jobs?
IW: Styling Michelle Obama was probably the highlight of my recent career as well as working with Italian Condé Nast. They are impeccable and creative.

SO: Which magazines or brands would you love to work with and why?
IW: I would love to work with Interview to get a chance to work with Fabien Baron.

SO: As a stylist, you must travel quite a bit. Where have you enjoyed shooting the most?
IW: Thailand, the people and food are a must for any traveler, and then Cayo Espanto in Belize tied with the Amanyara in Turks and Caicos.

SO: Where would you love to shoot next?
IW: I am really dreaming about shooting in the salt plains or the alto planos in Bolivia and Africa.

SO: Can you describe a dream editorial you’d love to do?
IW: They are in the works at the moment...

SO: When traveling, what do you carry-on?
IW: My computer, a good notebook, fountain pen, double stick tape, clips, spare underwear (in case the luggage is lost), ginger powder, licorice, makeup, and way too much paperwork.

SO: Personal indulgences?
IW: Fast cars and dessert twice a day.

SO: Any tips for aspiring stylists?
IW: Work hard, be dedicated, forget the ego and entitlement. Observe everything and let your style evolve naturally rather than trying to force it.

And now, a quick game of this or that:

Coffee or Tea: tea def
Morning or Evening: yes
Florals or Graphics: graphic florals?
Painting or Photography: painting
Heels or Handbags: stilettos
Black or White: white
Spring or Fall: winter

See below for a selection of Ise White's work and be sure to visit her official site for more...

Have you ever dreamed of being a stylist?


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