What They Want: Top Tweeters Wishlist Part I

December 07, 2010

From @dkny to @NoBtotheS, our favorite tweeters are sharing a few of the things they're hoping for this holiday season. And PS – we want them too!
What They Want: Top Tweeters Wishlist Part I

She's obsessed with #GG (Gossip Girl) – Donna Karan hosiery was featured on last night's episode! – and gives some awesome daily advice (PR and otherwise) to all those who are listening–including over 221,140 of her loyal followers. Representing Donna Karan New York as well as DKNY, DKNY PR Girl is hands-down one of our favorite gals to follow. And she's been an awful good girl this year, so Santa, listen up:

'Tis the season for wishing right? This is a sampling of my 'wants' from a much longer list (would be too embarrassing to share in totality). I am calling them 'wants' vs 'gets', because a girl can dream right? Oh, and if you know any sponsors... send them my way...

1. The quintessential "forever" alligator bag in heavenly ruby red. I hope I live to at least 90, and Fashion Math dictates taking the price of this beauty & dividing it by that difference in years... hello bargain!!
2. I haven't been invited to this party yet, but when I am, I am wearing this (the white one-piece). There is nothing I love more than an entrance-maker.
3. Black tie has always baffled me, because especially in NY, there are many versions of what people consider evening. Well, you can't go wrong here: The Infinity dress in full length with more than seven different ways to wear it? Sign me up... and oh p.s. it doesn't wrinkle.
4. I have always been a white-is-even-more-chic-after-Labor-Day girl. I love the above coat because it's not trying too hard (see above bag for that) and its pretty much trend-proof. Can you spell 'good investment'?

@fiercegrandma (AKA Bonnie Morrison)
She's one of the most respected publicists in the industry, and also happens to have killer style and a fantastic smile. We follow Bonnie Morrison because we have a pretty major girl crush on her. But what does the woman who's worked with everyone from Chris Benz, Temperley, Proenza Schouler, to the CFDA want this season? We asked, and she answered:

1. The ultimate lazy person's accessory – Amba Silk Banded Shawls make every outfit look a little (or a lot) more chic. I also always pack a scarf when I travel on airplanes, so having a new one at the holidays is perfect timing.
2. I'd worry a lot less about planning my holiday party outfits if I had this stunning Sapphire and Diamond Dome Ring on my finger. Three Graces also just has beautiful jewelry, so I go to the site to daydream.
3. Cristobal-era Balenciaga is a must for any vintage collector's "archive," including the above Balenciaga Couture Suit.
4. And finally, I'd love a Citroen 2CV. I don't even have a license (!) but I love the design of this car.

A bit different than most of the people we follow, Gregory Littley is the Director of New Media at The International Office and tweets about all things social media, fashion, and pop culture too. But we must admit that one of the real reasons we like @littleylittley so much is because he's as much a fan of Kidrobot as we are. So what does this creative whiz want this season? Let's see, shall we?

1. One of the perks of working in the digital creative field is the opportunity to bring an element of fun to a meeting. I imagine the Etch A Sketch iPad cover from HeadCase would be an accurate representation of my personality... it's on my list!
2. Music fuels my workday. Whether it's on the go or the soundtrack to a brainstorming session, I always need music, and the sound must be crisp. I'll be asking for one of the Geneva Sound Systems from Shophorne.com.
3. I've been know to unleash my DIY skills on some vinyl figures, but I have yet to try the "Our Create Your Own" 9'' Vinylmation collectible from Disney.
4. A Wool Hoodie... A Ralph Lauren Wool Hoodie. Yes, Please. Polo Ralph Lauren "Haddington" Wool Cruiser.

We're huge fans of their street style-worthy bags and designer Monica Botkier, as well as the Soho-based company's trusty twitter feed. But what does @botkier – the girl with the most bags – want this season? A lot of the same things we've wishlisted as well!

1. This pint-sized crossbody (the Botkier Haven) fits all your essentials… Perfect for cocktailing!
2. Almost all of the pieces in Kate Moss' final collab with Topshop are on our wishlist this season. This bohemian beaded dress is a contender for New Year’s Eve.
3. We love a bit of mixed metal action and Bing Bang's Cherokee Multi Strand Necklace & Anna Sheffield’s beautiful baubles make the best presents!
4. Simple and sans hardware, we’re craving our slouchy, 70s bohemian Beck Hobo – the luscious pebbled chocolate is to die for!

Some people take twitter by storm. Well, move over @whitegrlproblem because there's a new HBIC in town and her twitter handle is @NoBtotheS (give you a guess as to what that means). The anonymous tweeter works in fashion PR and uses her account to rant on the inner workings of the industry. She's also penning a wildly entertaining column for Fashionista. This one may be more naughty than nice, but she'll surely win over Santa somehow – after all, she does work in PR. So what's on her wishlist?

1. I remember reading in high school that Coco Chanel had a Verdura cuff and it's always been in the back of my mind as one of those classic, investment pieces. See also: Hermes Birkin.
2. The best gift would be to spend time at the super-cool Hole Gallery before shopping their equally amazing bookstore.
3. I love playing paparazzi! I would throw a house party, take pictures with a Polaroid 300 Instant Camera of everyone as they arrive and start a mural on the wall of all my pretty friends.

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  • valeriekw

    almost 7 years ago


    I love the Etch a Sketch iPad cover!! On my wishlist, I want some new ear buds for my iPod

    Small Elecom Colors Earphone — Candy-like colorful earphones to play with your favorite ...

  • Lainey

    almost 7 years ago


    They look like Skittles!

  • tanybrown

    almost 7 years ago


    Yay I want Topshop x Kate Moss too!

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