Closet Confidential: Keeping It Organized

January 10, 2011

Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, President and Creative Director of Clos-ette, shares her three simple tips for keeping your closet organized and talks about her new Clos-ette Too hangers (which could actually change your life).
Closet Confidential: Keeping It Organized

Does one of your New Year's resolutions involve keeping your closet cleaned and organized? Same here. But we all know that this feat, which seems so simple, is easier said than done. And that is why we've reached out to Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, President and Creative Director of Clos-ette, a holistic organizational design company.

After working for nine years in the fashion industry on both the PR and editorial sides (at Paul Wilmot Communications, Anne Klein, and, Fascitelli began Clos-ette with the idea of combining space and fashion. She began by asking if she could help a few designers to spruce up their showrooms, and it all ended up on the pages of Vogue. She also worked as a freelance fashion stylist, creative design director for retail and showroom spaces across the nation, is the author of Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style, and is also doing a jewelry case collaboration with House of Lavande, which will available online and in their store in Palm Beach.

Bringing together the hand of an architect and the eye of a fashion editor, Clos-ette now offers one of the world's most inspiring and functional approaches to closet organization. We recently sat down with Fascitelli to get her top tips for keeping a closet neat and tidy, as well as to find out a bit more about her new line of hangers from Clos-ette Too...

StyledOn: How important would you say an organized closet is?
Melanie Charlton Fascitelli: An organized closet is as important as having an organized desk or clearing your mind with exercise, it affects your psyche; The way we dress is a part of who we are and affects how we act when we are around others… an organized closet is an imperative to an organized self!

SO: What are your three simple tips for keeping a closet clean and organized?
MCF: (1) Use all the same hanger. The best hanger – better than huggable hangers or slimline hangers – is our new Clos-ette Too signature hanger, find it at (2) Edit your closet twice a year – sell items you don’t wear or give them to charity or do both at, my favorite new website which combines consignment with a charitable donation! (3) Keep your seperates separate and color coordinated!

SO: What seems to be the biggest problem for people when it comes to organizing their closets?
MCF: Not taking things step by step. Sit down, make the time, form a new habit and get this area in your life on track. Once you do it once and love it you will see how it becomes a whole lot easier to maintain!

SO: Are there any organization tools or systems that you always recommend?
MCF: Go to our new website and find our new hanger line, the famous travel jewelry case among other fabulous items for keeping your closet well stored and in shape! I also LOVE the Container Store!

SO: What should one indulge in when considering closet organization?
MCF: The most important thing to indulge in is far and away new hangers!!!

How do you keep your closet organized? Have any organizational questions for Fascitelli? Ask them in the comment area below and we'll pass them along...


  • Casey Kettleson

    almost 7 years ago

    Casey Kettleson

    Must buy those hangers!

  • Cassandra

    about 6 years ago


    I organize my closet according to season...I want this organized and plenty of room.

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