Boom: Anjulie Sits Down With StyledOn

November 05, 2009

“I think I have something to say lyrically... I always tell people if they want to know about me, just listen to my music because I really do put it all out there.” -Anjulie
Boom: Anjulie Sits Down With StyledOn

You've heard her song and you've probably seen the video in heavy rotation on MTV and VH1, but now is your chance to meet the woman behind the music. Growing up in Toronto as the youngest of four children born to Guyanese immigrants, Anjulie's sound is influenced by calypso, reggae, pop and rock music. The 26 year-old L.A. based songstress released her debut album earlier this year and was met with resounding praise. Find out why we love her so much (and for more than just her music) below...


StyledOn: Your first single "Boom" is in heavy rotation here at StyledOn. What is the story behind this amazing song?
Anjulie: Awesome! Thanks for playing it.  It's a song about a boy that made my heart go boom. The song is not neccessarily about someone as much as it is about that feeling. When your throat sinks into your heart. When everything stands still. It's a very sexual, visceral feeling.

SO: You've been compared to people like Nancy Sinatra, Nelly Furtado, and Santigold. Who do you count as influences on your unique sound?
Anjulie: My mom grew up in the 60's in england. She brought back a bunch of old records and I digged through them all and listened to them over and over.  That era really influenced me.  I also love female singer/songwriters who take a lot of risks lyrically.  Missy Elliot, Alanis Morrisette, Annie Lennox... doesn't matter so much about the genre mostly just the heart.

SO: If you could collaborate with anyone on a project, who would it be and what would the project be?
Anjulie: I would love to collaborate with Sofia Coppola. I love her films and I'd like to do a video with her.

SO: We love the looks you wore in the videos for both "Boom" and "Rain." How would you describe your personal style?
Anjulie: "The Rain" was really inspired by Italian film circa the 1970's. It was almost like a period piece with me being the modern element set in an old-fashioned background. I love old movies and get a lot of my inspiration from Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.  I'm the newer browner uglier version of them. (laughs)

SO: We hear you're heading on tour with another StyledOn favorite, Raphael Saadiq. Where are you most excited to visit?
Anjulie: Everywhere!! this tour is gonna be so much fun I can't wait. You coming?

SO: We'll be front and center! Last but not least, what can we expect from you next?
Anjulie: Hmm, right now I need to clean my apartment and go to the studio.  

And now, a quick game of this or that:
Heels or flats? Flats
Winter or summer? Winter
Books or magazines? Books
Planes or trains?
Pizza or pasta? Pasta
Dresses or jeans? Dresses
Sweet or spicy? Spicy
Fast or slow? 
Sex? Slow.

Click here to listen to Anjulie's first single, "Boom"

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  • Casey Kettleson

    almost 8 years ago

    Casey Kettleson

    She makes my heart go Boom! Seriously. That sounds dictates my walk from subway to subway on my morning commute.

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