Dissecting 'It' – Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots

June 17, 2011

The boots worn in a million blog posts, Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas were made for posing in. Here, we dissect the 'it' boot that has the blogging world in frenzy.
Dissecting 'It' – Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots

Full disclaimer: None of us at StyledOn own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots–which is rather surprising as we can't go a single day without seeing them either on the street or trolling the web.

Almost a year old, the Lita is now anything but new and still going strong. And even though new color ways come out each season (or what seems like everyday), the designers at JC haven’t run out of ideas yet. We’ve seen solid colors, glitter, buckles, fur, floral, studs, zebra, leopard, woven leather–even a very patriotic American flag motif. It’s rare for any trend to make it a full year without tiring so we set out to figure out what exactly it is about this shoe that makes the ladies love it so. Exactly how and why are the Lita boots such an unstoppable cult favorite? See below for our full dissection...

It Item: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots

Price: $140 - $200, depending on material and print

Where to Buy: Sole Struck, Nasty Gal, LF, Revolve Clothing, Singer22, Urban Outfitters

The Dissection: Originally released sometime in July of 2010, the Lita is a twist on the Foxy, a classic Jeffrey Campbell platform T-strap sandal. It debuted in black leather featuring a full lace-up front with 5” wooden heel and 2” platform, providing incredible height and a reasonable amount of comfort. One of the first girls to be gifted a pair was NYC-based stylist Lala Lopez after she helped them with their lookbook, followed by a string of the biggest fashion bloggers in the game. Zillions of fun and trendy versions later, there is practically a boot for every trend and every girl.

The Downfall: Too. Many. Options. These boots are cute and quite versatile, but there's no need to own more than 1 or 2 pairs. If you have more Litas than you do fingers on one hand, you are in need of diversifying your shoe collection! There are too many shoes in the sea to limit yourself to a single style day in and day out. Also, if you live in a major metropolitan area, chance are you'll run into at least one other girl wearing a pair the day you choose to don them as well.

Verdict: For $200 or less, the Litas provide you with a ton of height and options to choose from, which not many other styles can boast. Online reviews everywhere confirm our suspicions that the boots are indeed “super comfy,” and that you'd be able to "go for hours in [the] Litas.” “Surprisingly easy to walk in,” others say. The boots have also come to signify major street style status. Overall, it seems that these boots were made for walking.

Have you fallen under the spell of the Lita Boots? Have a pair? Want a pair?

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  • chaplinnn

    over 6 years ago


    I love the look of Litas, but the sudden surge of posts actually makes me desire them less — I want my style to be unique!

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