Stop It Right Now

February 02, 2011

This week in Blog Love, we get to know Jayne, the beauty and brains behind Stop It Right Now, currently at the top of our reading list.
Stop It Right Now

There’s a lot to envy on the pages of Jayne’s blog, Stop It Right Now. From her Proenza Schouler runway platforms to her perfectly ombre'd hair, Jayne oozes cool head to toe – though she is quite modest about it. Currently a designer for a men’s action sports line, she mixes girly pieces (like silver Chanel booties) with masculine pieces (including oversized flannels and a camo-printed jacket), and the result is a style that is decidedly her own. Jayne takes a playful approach to blogging, photoshopping her images to include creatures, sunbursts, or multiple versions of herself, and she’s not above a funny face here and there for good measure.

Jayne sat down to talk with us about her appreciation for menswear, how to land “the unicorn” on eBay, and the jacket she’ll defend to the death...

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourself – how did you get into blogging?
Jayne: I’m a nobody from California. I started blogging out of boredom during a bout with unemployment. At the time I didn’t know anything about blogs or blogging and had only even seen a few. I was very analog.

SO: How does your work as a menswear designer influence your personal style?
Jayne: I’m not into typically girly things, so I appreciate the proportions and attention to detail that menswear has to offer. Because there are limits to what you can do with traditional menswear – a shirt is a shirt is a shirt, after all – the real design comes through in the textures and details and these are the things I pay attention to now for myself as well.

SO: Do you ever wear your own designs?
Jayne: I did in high school when I dressed like a crazy freak and embarrassed my brother every day! Now not so much since I work in men's action sports. Occasionally I pilfer a flannel here and there.

SO: If you could collaborate with any brand or designer, whom would you most want to work with?
Jayne: SPAM. Stop It Right Now x SPAM limited edition low sodium for the fashion and health conscious.

SO: What was your proudest fashion moment of 2010?
Jayne: Oh, should I have one? I don’t take fashion that seriously. It’s all in good fun!

SO: What’s the most treasured item in your closet?
Jayne: I try to be an equal opportunist. I’m not much into the idea of “collecting” and not wearing. I hate being wasteful. The older I get, the more I pay attention to quality and longevity versus the novelty of now. Most everything I have is stuff I genuinely love and appreciate the design of and will wear over and over again for years. But I will cut you if you try to steal my Ann-Sofie Back biker poncho.

SO: We hear you’re an avid eBay shopper, can you offer any tips for those of us looking to try online auctions for the first time?
Jayne: If there is an item that you have been obsessing over for a while, set a Saved Search so that you get email notifications if one ever pops up. Compare prices and do your research to know if you are, in fact, getting a deal. Look up specific keywords to narrow your search parameters. Keep up on Newly Listed items in categories or with brands you particularly like. Finding the unicorn on eBay is serious business!

SO: Are there any trends you wish would go ahead and die already?
Jayne: Well without trendy people, you wouldn’t really be able to recognize the truly forward and progressive people either. You can’t have one without the other I suppose. Maybe less lens flares?

SO: What’s at the top of your wishlist right now?
Jayne: The Ann Demeulemeester triple lace talon heel knee high boots in black have eluded me for long enough. The Phi metal heel ankle boots are another. But these days I’m trying to limit myself to what I buy each season. For Spring, maybe one maxi dress, one pair of cholo shorts, and one pair (or two) of flat shoes of some sort.

SO: Tell us something about you that we might not expect...
Jayne: I’m an introvert and truly unentertaining in real life.

SO: We doubt it!

Are you digging Jayne's style?


  • MayaOjalvo

    about 6 years ago


    Emily, she's wearing one of your awesome collars!

  • Emily Kropp

    about 6 years ago

    Emily Kropp

    I discovered the collars through her blog! Ha, Jayne definitely gets credit. :)

  • FashionIntel

    about 6 years ago


    Jayne's blog RULES! So happy to see her featured here. I'm really looking forward to a future SPAM collaboration, hilars.

    Natalie_fall_herring_header Fashion Intel

  • katjaKCN

    almost 6 years ago


    I love her variety of styles she brings!

    Mcqueen%2bmy%2bown%2bcopy Inside Look At KCN

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