Rebecca's Style With Benefits

May 04, 2011

This New Jersey native is bringing a world of vibrant style to LA. Blogger Rebecca Lee sits down with StyledOn to discuss what it's like to have a stylish twin–and what's on the top of her wishlist this spring.
Rebecca's Style With Benefits

If there's one thing Rebecca of Style With Benefits is not afraid of, it's color. Her vibrant, dynamic wardrobe is the perfect compliment to her sunny LA surroundings, from her glittery platformed Litas to her neon fringed shorts. See her blog here, and read on to hear her secret strength, and how she'll style up her sundresses this summer.

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourself – how did you get into blogging?
Rebecca Lee: I grew up in New Jersey and have lived out in LA for the past few years now. My fraternal twin sister, Melanie of Wrecked Stellar, and I were actually going to start a blog together. Since I was lagging in motivation to help her with the joint blog, she went ahead and started her own; I launched mine shortly afterwards. I wanted to keep a personal style diary to chronicle how my style has evolved, and that’s how SwB was born.

SO: How is the style scene in LA different from the scene in New Jersey?
RL: Since we really don’t have true seasons in LA, I think people here have the “anything goes” mentality, which is great. With that mentality, I feel like there’s less judgment about what you wear. I love the diverse style scene here.

SO: Do you ever miss getting to wear true winter clothes?
RL: No way! I recently bought my first long wool coat in over six years, specifically because I was going to New York and knew it was going to be cold and rainy.

SO: Do you and your sister Melanie have similar taste? How is it different?
RL: Yes and no. It’s funny because we’ll both get ready to go out (we live together) and then see what each other is wearing for the first time in the elevator. Often times, we’ll give the raised eyebrow looks to each other. It’s pretty funny. My vibe is more bohemian/hippy/downtown and Melanie’s look is more preppy/sophisticated/uptown.

SO: What is the most treasured item in your closet?
RL: All the jewelry that my mom’s ever handed down to me and my vintage finds.

SO: What’s at the top of your wishlist right now?
RL: Believe it or not, a pair of Chucks! I haven’t worn Converse sneakers in ages but want to get a few pairs and wear them with floral mini dresses. I’m also on the hunt for a wide-brimmed black leather hat.

SO: Are there any trends that you wish would die out?
RL: No… because I likely still wear them. Ha! Trends constantly recycle, so I say wear whatever you want and what makes you most comfortable – regardless of whether it’s trendy or not.

SO: Do you have any big plans or goals for your blog this year?
RL: No big plans; I just want to continue evolving, growing, learning and sharing through my blog.

SO: We love your blog and read it on a regular basis. Which blogs do you read the most?
RL: I love Altimira, Stockholm Streetstyle, Frassy, and Sincerely, Jules. Recently, I’ve been on a menswear-inspired kick and also tune in regularly to Tomboy Style.

SO: Tell us something about yourself that we might not expect.
RL: I completed the Los Angeles Marathon without training. Sure it took me 7.5 hours but it made me realize that anything’s possible with a bit of determination and pure willpower. I’m also a lot stronger than I look!

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