How Two Live

July 10, 2013

From one sister act to another, see How Two Live with these Australians and their Blog Love from all around the globe.
How Two Live

While we always love discovering a new blog love, finding one with multiple contributors is twice as nice since you get double the content and style. Meet Jess & Stef, self-proclaimed globe-trotting, platform-wearing sisters who started How Two Live almost exactly one year ago when they were seperated for the first time. With a totally unique style and confidence to wear anything, these gals are always in feathers, neon, flatforms or embellished sunglasses and are always wearing it well. Check out our interview with these stellar sisters and get to know them for yourself!

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourselves—what inspired you two to start the blog? Where are you each based?
Jess & Stef: We decided to start a blog when Jess moved to Paris for six months last year. When we're in the same city we spend pretty much every second of every day together, so when she moved away we wanted a way to keep in contact and share our latest purchases. At the moment, we're both based in Melbourne, but we have a lot of plans to travel over the next six months.

SO: Happy one year anniversary! What's been your favorite part of getting the blog up and running?
J&S: Thanks! It's all been one crazy fun-filled adventure. It's hard to pick a favorite part, but we do love working and collaborating with designers from the well established to the up-and-coming.

SO: Were one of you more intersted in fashion, styling, etc. at an earlier age or did it naturally come to you both?
J&S: We've both been interested in fashion for quite awhile. Our maternal grandmother is one of the most fashionable women you'll ever meet, so we figure we got the fashion genes from her. 

SO: Do you think your teamwork makes it easier or harder to coordinate a blog?
J&S: Definitely easier. We can't even imagine how people manage these things on their own. From coming up with ideas, to implementing them, to attending events—everything's just more fun when done as a twosome!

SO: What has been the best opportunity blogging has opened up for you so far?
J&S: We're working on our first fashion line, which is a collection of 5 shoes that we're releasing in collaboration with a shoe company. This is without a doubt the most exciting thing we're working on at the moment.

SO: Give us the scoop! Who are your favorite designers and brands? If you could shop at just one place forever, where would it be?
J&S: We wear a lot of Australian brands. Alice McCall, Shakuhachi and Friend of Mine are just a few of our favorites. Our favorite place to shop is online of course.

SO: Do you share a wardrobe or have completely separate styles? 
J&S: Everything is completely 100% shared!

SO: What's at the top of your wishlist right now?
J&S: Anything holographic and/or perspex.

SO: We're loving How Two Live! What blogs do you go to for inspiration?
J&S: Thanks! For inspiration we check out what the other has recently been wearing. Or we like to hit the streest, as there's nothing quite like getting real life inspiration.

SO: Tell us something about yourself we may not expect!
J&S: We're half Moroccan. 

Will you be checking out How Two Live?


  • Casey Kettleson

    over 4 years ago

    Casey Kettleson

    These girls are adorable!

  • Sophie KATT

    over 4 years ago

    Sophie KATT

    Like them !

  • Jessica Rohr

    over 4 years ago

    Jessica Rohr

    They look like so much fun! Love their style.

  • Ania Kania

    about 4 years ago

    Ania Kania

    I'm totally in love with this blog!

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